Know your Numbers—Part 2

When was the last time you looked at your Shopify Analytics? Can you tell me your 30 day unique visitor count, conversion rate for the same period and average order value if I asked you? All that without pulling your phone or looking at the screen of your computer?

If you haven’t paid attention to these in a while you may think that your store is doing great (or not so great) without actually knowing if it is. Getting more orders for smaller items may keep you busy and feeling successful, but this won’t result in the revenue from the same amount of high-ticket purchases.

Not knowing your numbers will blind you to any problems you may have. On the other hand, it won’t let you celebrate the wins when they happen.

“What gets measured gets managed”

–Peter Drucker

Make it a habit of reviewing your stats on the same time monthly and weekly. No, don’t be glued to the stats.

Just a quick check and previous period comparison is enough so that you notice changes and trends. Just looking at the measurements will inform your decisions differently.

Checking your stats on set intervals (via Google Analytics or Shopify Analytics) will put you on the pulse of your business. You’ll know the baseline that you are starting from. This the first step towards higher conversion rates and more revenue for your store.

Know Your Numbers—Part 1

You’ve launched your store after carefully preparing your product images, descriptions and categories. You even managed to get some orders and fulfill them. Now what?

As every business owner I bet you want more. That’s what we are here for. That’s why you started your business—to serve more people, to serve them better and on your terms. Last, but not least, to earn more money.

What is “more”? How much more? How would you know if you are making more money this month than the last one? “Duh, I’ll have more money in the bank!” you say.

That’s not always true. Especially when you drive traffic via ads, which cost you money, and while you are waiting for purchase payments to clear up and be deposited into your bank account.

The main point is—to know you’ve grown you should pay attention to the stats, which thanks to the fact you are running and e-commerce business on Shopify you have an abundance of.

What is the safest (and quickest) way to share access to your Shopify store with an expert?

So you’ve just gotten a developer/designer/marketer to improve your store. You are both clear what will be done and the next step is you give them access to your Shopify backend.

You’ll be surprised, but there is a wrong (riskier, slower) and a right (safer & quicker) way to do this. Continue reading “What is the safest (and quickest) way to share access to your Shopify store with an expert?”

Shopify Optimization — When is The Time to Ditch That App?

The Shopify App Store is like a Candy Shop, but not every candy is good for you

There are plenty of apps on the Shopify App store. This gives you a lot of options for improving your site.

Many of the apps run on a subscription plan.

And this is good, too, because you are paying for the value you get and supporting the developers so you can continue getting the value.

But what happens when the value simply isn’t there for you?

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Improving your Shopify Store — How to keep making money while a customization is underway?

Avoid the mess in your Shopify store, despite its sweetness

I’ve seen store owners do a number of puzzling things when they want to improve their store:

• They perform changes on the live store breaking experience for visitors who happen to visit at that time
• They put the store in development mode and then work on it
• They stop all their ad traffic

Dear Shopify Store owners, I know the approaches above make it easier for you to preview customizations. Yes, they are so tempting!

But just as with chocolate candy, when the sugar rush wears off, you realize you’ve paid a price.

All of the tactics above kill your revenue for the duration of the customization.

But there is a better way!

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Why Food Entrepreneurs Should Setup Conversion Goals in Google Analytics?

Running and improving your business takes up all of your time? That’s normal. That’s why you have to make better use of it. Here is one area where you may be wasting your future time…

As a food entrepreneur you don’t have time for much marketing activities(if any). You are busy enough running and improving your business. So it makes sense that you probably pay for traffic to your website and advertise on Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads.

But do you know how much do you get back for every dollar spent on ads?

What percentage of your ad traffic actually completes the goal you want them to complete on your website?

How many of them buy? How much?

Unless you are tracking that data (by having Conversion Goals correctly set up) you can’t answer these questions.

So, what is the downside of not having conversion data about your visitor’s behavior on your website?

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Shopify Store Customization — What Is A Reasonable Project Budget?

You’ve set up your store with Shopify.
You’ve sent some traffic.
Based on the results, you now have ideas what needs to change.

Of course, as a store owner you won’t code the changes from scratch, wouldn’t you?

That’s not the way a business person rolls.

You are going to either buy an app, a theme or hire someone to build them for you. This way you are going to save your time an have an expert do their best work on your store, so that you achieve the business objectives you are after.

You find a professional shopify customizer and they ask you:
“What’s your budget for this project?”

And then it hits you.

“Omg, I don’t how much does this thing usually take. I don’t know how much should this cost.” Continue reading “Shopify Store Customization — What Is A Reasonable Project Budget?”

No Sales on Your Shopify Store? Find The Biggest Trust-Killer for Your Visitors

Do you ask yourself any of these questions:

  1. “Why don’t people buy from my store?”
  2. “Is the layout of my homepage too basic?”
  3. “Are the products I’m trying to sell the reason I don’t get any orders?”

You’ve launched your store, paid money for advertising to Facebook, Instagram and Adwords. You started getting some traffic.

But people spend just a few seconds on your homepage and then bounce.

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Launched Shopify Store a month ago, got almost 1000 visitors, yet no sales. Where is the problem?

Dear first time Shopify Store Owner,
I know it must have been tough for you getting your first Shopify store ready to be launched.

You may have experienced success before, selling products in real life or through other platforms like Etsy, Ebay or Amazon, but…

This time you launched your store and Continue reading “Launched Shopify Store a month ago, got almost 1000 visitors, yet no sales. Where is the problem?”