Why Food Entrepreneurs Should Setup Conversion Goals in Google Analytics?

Running and improving your business takes up all of your time? That’s normal. That’s why you have to make better use of it. Here is one area where you may be wasting your future time…

As a food entrepreneur you don’t have time for much marketing activities(if any). You are busy enough running and improving your business. So it makes sense that you probably pay for traffic to your website and advertise on Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads.

But do you know how much do you get back for every dollar spent on ads?

What percentage of your ad traffic actually completes the goal you want them to complete on your website?

How many of them buy? How much?

Unless you are tracking that data (by having Conversion Goals correctly set up) you can’t answer these questions.

So, what is the downside of not having conversion data about your visitor’s behavior on your website?

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