Shopify Store Customization — What Is A Reasonable Project Budget?

You’ve set up your store with Shopify.
You’ve sent some traffic.
Based on the results, you now have ideas what needs to change.

Of course, as a store owner you won’t code the changes from scratch, wouldn’t you?

That’s not the way a business person rolls.

You are going to either buy an app, a theme or hire someone to build them for you. This way you are going to save your time an have an expert do their best work on your store, so that you achieve the business objectives you are after.

You find a professional shopify customizer and they ask you:
“What’s your budget for this project?”

And then it hits you.

“Omg, I don’t how much does this thing usually take. I don’t know how much should this cost.” Continue reading “Shopify Store Customization — What Is A Reasonable Project Budget?”